Gilmore's Driving School Permanently Closed
    In early 2010 the Gilmores created a ten year plan to offer the best driving school in the area at a very competitive price, and we helped 5000 students become better drivers. The business was incredibly successful and we had many loyal customers, for which we are extremely grateful. Due to a number of factors, we decided in 2016 to begin gradually drawing down the number of students. We had our last classroom sessions in August 2019, and for 7 months afterwards we displayed the highest level of integrity by continuing to provide road lessons, get all eligible students finished, make payroll, and pay all of our bills.

    Mr. Gilmore always ran the driving school with foresight. When we saw the COVID-19 situation hit China, we pushed hard to get students to finish earlier than our initially planned 3/31/2020 end date. Although many of our customers initially didn't take the developing pandemic seriously, we worked nonstop 7 days per week and managed to get all active students done by March 15th, simultaneously with high school closures and literally only a few hours before Massachusetts shut down all nonessential businesses.

    Have no doubt that this situation will seriously affect the driving school industry, as the enclosed space inside a car is a nearly perfect venue for transmission of this deadly virus, and many driving instructors belong to the highly affected older demographic. Driving schools that currently have a backlog of students will likely face some serious issues, especially if they continue to take new students via online classes, since the road lessons still need to be done 1-on-1 in a car! Mr. Gilmore was contacted recently by a business broker offering a local driving school for sale. (definitely NOT interested, even if it were free!)

    If you are looking for a parent class certificate, please see the instructions on our FAQ.

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