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Gilmores Driving School

2018-19 Driver Education Classroom Schedule:


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Shrewsbury, MA driving school

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Classroom & Office:
Gilmore's Driving School
456 Main Street (Rt 122A)
Holden, MA 01520
(Next to Jed's hardware)

Auburn and Northboro, MA driver education

To register for a course online, click the "Register" link in the far right column.

Listed schedule is for classroom portion of course. Road lessons are ongoing 7 days/wk!

Classes fill quickly - please plan ahead!   Prices subject to change without notice.

Thank you for choosing Gilmore's!

One-Week Accelerated Classes (9AM to 3:30PM)
26, 27, 28, 29, 31
456 Main Street (Rt 122A) HoldenFULL -
Feb 18-22, 2019456 Main Street (Rt 122A) HoldenFULL -
April 15-19, 2019456 Main Street (Rt 122A) HoldenOPENLater
Saturday Classes (9AM to 3:30PM)
March 2018456 Main Street (Rt 122A) Holden OPEN Later
    Not included in course tuition:
  • One-time Schedule2Drive account fee: $10
  • Optional weekend road test sponsorship
  • Permit and License fees you'll pay directly to RMV

    Private lessons (adult non-students) not offered

    Road tests are for our full course graduates only

    Prices subject to change without notice
    Optional road test sponsorship ($99)

  • Recording your final data with the RMV
  • Highly experienced professional sponsor
  • Priority road test scheduling done 100% by us
  • RMV Driver Ed Certificate Fee paid by us
  • Use of our facility and RMV-approved vehicle
  • RMV "Convenience Fee" ($20) paid by us

  • Not included in road test sponsorship:
  • Fees that you pay directly to the RMV:
    • Learner's Permit Exam: $30
    • Licensing Fees: $85

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