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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Gilmore's Driving School close?
The driving school business offers a poor risk/return ratio. We accomplished what we intended by providing a decade of quality driving instruction, and never took a single penny of taxpayer-funded money. When we saw the coronavirus coming, we worked extremely long hours 7 days per week, and got all of our students finished by March 15, 2020 just before the Massachusetts covid-19 shutdown. With a little luck, a lot of planning, no students needing lessons and an expired facility lease, the shutdown became an obvious exit point.

Where do you recommend that we go for driving school now?
Consider the following before choosing a driving school:

After considering the above, we believe that the only logical choice is AAA Driving School.

How do you feel about skid school?
Over the years we've had dozens of students tell us "my friend took skid school and (s)he thinks it made her/him a better driver". But therein lies the problem. If you think that you're a better driver, are you (especially as a potentially irresponsible teenager) more likely to take unnecessary risks? We suggest that you read the following article before deciding for yourself:
More Crashes not Fewer!

Why are road lessons so hard to get now?
A "perfect storm" from students delayed by Covid-19, plus the normal surge in Summer demand, plus a large number of students who only recently received their permit but are unnecessarily trying to get done ASAP due to unfounded fears of a second shutdown. Please back off unless you are eligible for a license by September. It is unfair and selfish of students who are not eligible for a license until Winter to be grabbing lessons away from other students who truly need them.

When will I receive my driver's ed certificate?
On March 16th, 2020 or earlier, we processed the driver's ed completion with the RMV for all eligible Gilmore's Driving School students. But there is no paper document coming. Until 2008, the RMV (not the driving school) would mail your driver's ed "diploma" after we submitted your info with a payment on your behalf and our affidavit that you completed. That ended well over a decade ago. It is now simply an entry on the RMV system.

How do I get a parent class certificate?
Due to the coronavirus, the parent class is now being administered online at most legitimate driving schools. We strongly recommend that you attend the parent class with your current driving school, so that your knowledge base is up to date and in synch with them. There is also the option of simply giving your new driving school a parent class attendance affidavit, if they are willing to cooperate.

How can I get an acceptable car to take the road test?
Due to Covid-19, the RMV is administering road tests in a state-owned vehicle that is cleaned by a professional cleaning crew in-between each exam, therefore you do not have to worry about this! You will however still need an acceptable sponsor, even though only the applicant and the RMV examiner will be in the road test car.

How do I retrieve the parent log or other information from Schedule2Drive?
It is not required for anything with the RMV. You no longer need to be concerned with "hours"; please now take a subjective view regarding the new driver's skills and habits instead.


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