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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get a Parent Class Certificate
Can you explain the various terminology?
Students who are doing on-the-road training with us are taking road lessons. The road test is the examination that you take when you are going for your license.

How do I get a parent class certificate?
Send $10 (cash or money order only) with a note containing the name of the parent who took the class, the name of the student for whom the class was taken, the approximate date that the class was taken, and your email address to: Gilmore's Driving School, 456 Main Street, Holden MA 01520. We will email you a PDF of the certificate. Please note that we do not replace certificates for parent classes that are more than 4 years old. NO personal checks! Requests accompanied by a personal check will be disregarded.

Why does my scheduling account have a restriction?
You need to practice at home, and if you take a lesson with us every day that will most likely not happen. We are very careful to provide enough lessons so that everyone can finish in time, and students who are eligible for a license within 6 to 8 weeks are allowed to take up to 3 lessons per week. If you are not eligible by the next calendar month (i.e. by February if today's date is in January), you may be limited to one lesson per week so that students who are eligible this month and next month can easily finish in time.

How do I get my road lessons done quickly?
Make yourself available, be flexible about pickup locations and times, don't be a no-show or cancel lessons, show up to lessons WITH YOUR PERMIT and corrective lenses if needed, and log in to your Schedule2Drive account twice daily. Due to crowd behavior phenomena (social psychology), the demand for lessons fluctuates wildly; those who log in the most get the most lessons.

What are the time limits for completing driver's ed with your driving school?
All students must finish road lessons by the deadline on your Schedule2Drive page. With just a little effort, motivated students easily finish lessons within 6 weeks.

How do I get 12 hours of driving but only 6 hours observation?
Focus on your drive times with us and supervised (at home) driving, and don't worry about observation time, which usually just takes care of itself.

Where will you pick me up?
We pick up at Wachusett High School, Gilmore's Holden office, and Honey Farms Rutland. Because we don't want students to be "taxi drivers" at the expense of receiving quality lessons, we do not pick up at home.

What is included in tuition at Gilmore's Driving School??
Full tuition includes the 30-hour classroom and use of our well-maintained cars for 12 hours of road lessons and 6 hours observation. There are no additional per-lesson charges. Charges not included in tuition: Once you are completely finished, you will pay us $35 to cover our costs plus RMV fees that we pay for your completion processing. All Massachusetts residents who seek a driver's license must also pay $85 in licensing fees directly to the RMV, which are separate from both tuition and the road test sponsorship fee you pay the driving school. RMV licensing fees are not included in tuition or road test sponsorship at any driving school and cannot be paid through the school.

Can I rent or borrow one of your cars to take the road test at the RMV?
Sorry, we don't provide that. We hear that you can rent a suitable car from AVIS Car Rental at 220 Worcester Rd, Framingham, MA (508) 872-8707. Please note that any borrowed/rental vehicle used for a road test must have express written permission from the owner or rental company for such a purpose.

How long does it take for my new license to arrive?
If you paid the RMV licensing fees directly to the RMV, you should receive your license in the mail within 10 to 12 days. If you don't receive it within 2 weeks, contact the RMV, not us.


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