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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my driver's ed certificate?
On March 16th, 2020 or earlier, we processed the driver's ed completion with the RMV for all Gilmore's Driving School students who paid their balances due and finished their lessons. But there is no paper document coming. Until 2008, the RMV (not the driving school) would mail your driver's ed "diploma" after we submitted your info with a payment on your behalf and our affidavit that you completed. That ended well over a decade ago. It is now simply an entry on the RMV system.

Why did Gilmore's discontinue accepting students?
When we saw Covid-19 coming, we worked long hours and got all of our students finished before the shutdown. Mr. Gilmore believes that owning a small business is overrated, but plans to continue teaching driver education at another driving school to be named later.

How do I retrieve the parent log or other information from Schedule2Drive?
It is not needed to process your completion with the RMV, which was already done by us on March 16, 2020 or earlier. You no longer need to be concerned with "hours"; please now take a subjective view regarding the new driver's skills and habits instead.

Can I rent or borrow one of your cars to take the road test at the RMV?
Sorry, but we do not have any cars to rent or loan out! Instead of selling the entire driving school to someone who would inevitably raise prices, lower quality and/or reduce service levels in the name of higher profits, we simply sold all of the cars. We hear that you can rent a suitable car from AVIS Car Rental at 220 Worcester Rd, Framingham, MA (508) 872-8707, or you can look into signing up with one of the many driving schools that offer weekend road tests. Please note that any borrowed/rental vehicle used for a road test must have express written permission from the owner or rental company for such a purpose.

How long does it take for my new plastic license to arrive?
If you paid the correct RMV licensing fees directly to the RMV, you should receive your license in the mail within 15 days after passing the road test. If you don't receive it within 2-3 weeks, contact the RMV. This is between you and the RMV only; the driving school does not know if you have an unpaid balance with the RMV, and the driving school takes no part in the approval of nor the production process of the plastic license, therefore no need to contact us.


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