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Prices are subject to change without notice. Terms and conditions apply.

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Driver Education-Related Fees
(Subject to Change at Any Time!)

Licensing fees paid directly to RMV ($85) are NOT included in tuition!

2020 Driver's Ed Tuition TBD

    MISC FEES:   (Key:   RMV Fees (required)     Driver's Ed JOL Students Only     Misc)

      NO CHARGE - Parent Class for our customers.
      $10 - Schedule2Drive account one-time fee.
      $10 - Parent Class Certificate fee.
      $15 - Lesson late cancellation (18 to 36 hours notice).
      $20 - RMV "convenience fee" (paid by school for each Saturday road test applicant).
              (Already included in Gilmore's-sponsored weekend road test fee).
      $20 - Make-up classroom session per day missed.
      $25 - Partial completion letter for classroom and parent class.
      $25 - Lesson late cancellation (3 to 18 hours notice).
      $25 - Hourly rate for researching old accounts.
      $30 - RMV Learner's Permit fee (pd by you directly to RMV).
      $35 - Driver Education completion processing: covers RMV fee + our processing costs.
              (Already included in Gilmore's-sponsored weekend road test fee).

      $35 - Lesson cancellation less than 6 hrs notice.
      $35 - RMV road test appointment fee (pd by you directly to RMV each road test taken).
      $45 - Lesson no-show, no-permit, no-proper shoes or no-corrective lenses.
      $50 - RMV license processing fee (one-time fee, pd by you directly to RMV).
      $95 - Road test sponsorship - includes use of our vehicle, professional sponsor, driver's ed completion processing with RMV, RMV convenience fee, and all applications submitted by Gilmore's. DOES NOT include RMV licensing fees that you MUST pay directly to RMV.

    - We do NOT rent or loan out cars for any reason

    - Gilmores receives no portion of RMV fees, nor any other government assistance.

    - Prices are subject to change without notice.

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